WHITE DENIM | BC CAMPLIGHT | 16.02.2019 | Newcastle Northumbria Institute | REVIEW and PHOTOS

WHITE DENIM | BC CAMPLIGHT | 16.02.2019 | Newcastle Northumbria Institute | REVIEW and PHOTOS

White Denim and BC Camplight – 16th February 2019 – Northumbria Institute

Review by Lee Hammond. Photography by Gordon Armstrong 

Nights like this are few and far between, tonight White Denim roll into town with the exceptional BC Camplight in toe. In his own right BC Camplight carries significant stature and tonight he proves it early on with a scintillating set, opening with Deportation Blues he kicks things off in a rousing style and retains that with the equally fervent I’m in a Weird Place Now. He does bring the mood down slightly with a solo version of When I Think of My Dog, yet he still retains his usual charm throughout.

He riles the crowd with his story of the former Home Secretary before launching into a brilliant rendition of Fire in England, before closing out this short set with I’m Desperate. BC Camplight well and truly warms up this crowd, but this is a mere aperitif compared to what lies ahead this evening.

White Denim take to the stage and barely waste any time with an idle chit chat, instead diving headlong into Backseat Driver. They barely stop for the first four tracks, each track more ferocious than the last as they provide a barrage of aural deliciousness unlike any other.

Fervent guitars coupled with relentless thunderous drums are something to truly behold today, Double Death and Ha Ha Ha Ha (Yeah) are early favourites in this mammoth set. Their unwavering energy coupled with their signature brand of garage funk has every member of this heaving crowds head nodding along in unison, as the band barely leave themselves time to blink between tracks. The likes of Real Deal Momma and Had 2 Know (Personal) follow each other in quick succession.

Towards the end of the set the bands tracks almost begin to blend into one as they retain such a ferocious pace, this is beyond impressive. By the time they reach the latter stages of the set you’d be expecting them to falter somewhat yet they continue with ease as they round off the set in typically ferocious fashion. It Might Get Dark and Shake Shake Shake providing more crowd favourites right at the end.

Their unrelenting enthusiasm, pace and excitement are what permeates throughout this exuberant Saturday night crowd, White Denim traversing genres with ease and relative simplicity also helps all whilst retaining their signature sound. There is no way to fault these guys in any way, many would guffaw at playing much longer than an hour but for White Denim they sustain an incredible atmosphere for two hours straight and give every member of this packed crowd their money’s worth and then some. Without doubt one of the finest live bands around right now!


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