WALK OFF THE EARTH | 01.05.2018 | Sage Gateshead | REVIEW and PHOTOS

WALK OFF THE EARTH | 01.05.2018 | Sage Gateshead | REVIEW and PHOTOS

Walk Off The Earth – 1st May 2018 – Sage Gateshead – Review and photos

It’s been 5 years since WOTE played here and tonights’ packed Gateshead Sage welcomed them back with open arms. This is a band who have 14 MILLION views on one Youtube video alone and over 3 million subscribers to their channel. Their secret? FUN! Yes, they cover other artists a lot of the time but they make the versions unique and create videos you can watch time and time again to just wonder how much time and effort they have to put in to get the timing right with the instrument acrobatics and timing! This stands for their own material too just take a look at the video for Red Hands and the one showing how it was made to see how much work they put in!

I digress though back to the sage and from the moment the lights go out there is a feeling that this is a show – Road crew running on to fix “faulty gear” before 4 of the band (Joel , Gianni, Sarah & Marshall) appear behind a table atop a riser and kick things off with that 14million times viewed cover of Shape Of You performed pretty much exactly as it is in the video with the plastic tubes and ratchets etc

This sets the night up pretty well and they split the set nicely between Youtube favourite covers and their own original material all performed as they are in said videos or with accompanying moves! As always Beard Guy (Mike Taylor) gets an ovation for pretty much every movement throughout the night!

To be honest I’m not gonna list which other covers they did as it could spoil it for anyone still to see them but their own songs like Red Hands, Revo, Taekwondo (with added Ninja action ) & the newest single Nomad amongst others sounded great. And it’s been a long time since I heard a crowd start singing a bands chorus to get an encore rather than just clapping

The band are amazing musicians playing everything from kazoos to brass to theremin to plastic tubes as well the more expected planks of wood and wire it’s just hard keeping up with who’s playing what at any given time

The energy from start to finish is incredible with band members swapping instruments mid-song, never mind at the end of one and a big applause has to go to their crew members who are in charge of catching the flying ukuleles !! Seriously they are such a striking visual experience that photos and words can’t do them justice. Which is possibly why they have millions upon millions of viewers and sold out shows. Confetti cannon by 3rd song could peak some artists but not these guys they just build on it until the last song where everything is being used confetti balloons flags you name it! They have a great rapport with their fans worldwide and the smiles on everyone’s faces young and old leaving the building spoke volumes !! Sometimes all you need is a night of unadulterated fun


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