TORCHE | 04.10.16 | Newcastle Riverside | REVIEW and PHOTOS

TORCHE | 04.10.16 | Newcastle Riverside | REVIEW and PHOTOS

Torche – 4th October 2016 – Newcastle Riverside

Every now and again a show is announced and you have to rub your eyes in disbelief. This gig was one of those. I’d cut off various body parts to see Torche. Now Torche and Red Fang, that’s a pairing of epic proportions. Throw in hyped live band God Damn and you’ve got a canny recipe for a class night out.

A bucketlist band for me. One I can admit to being very excited to see and photo. I’d never have thought I’d see them in Newcastle, let alone in my fave venue in my hometown

Dreams can come true. I entered the photopit as the band came on stage. No one else here. Nice. Free reign and I enjoyed it immensely!

They open with Grenades, a setlist staple for them and a canny introduction for those who are unfamiliar. Delightful odd time signatures and catchy riffs can make head bobbing a challenge for the average gig-goer. Two songs in and things get intense with the fury of ‘In Return’. ‘Across the Shields’ hooky swagger brings a huge smile to my face. Minions slows it down with it’s poppy bulk, it wouldn’t feel out of place on a Nirvana or Tad album.

They didn’t disappoint. In fact I’d say exceeded. I wasn’t expecting a full set, but that is (near enough) what we got. 45 minutes of solid tunes. I felt satisfied, the setlist giving such a great career panning set alongside crowd favourites. I suspect they’ll have picked up a few fans this evening. They are fucking marvellous.

UPDATE: photos re-edited October 2018!

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