SUPERCHUNK | 27.05.2018 | Stereo Glasgow | REVIEW and PHOTOS

SUPERCHUNK | 27.05.2018 | Stereo Glasgow | REVIEW and PHOTOS

Superchunk – 27th May 2018 – Stereo Glasgow – Review and photos

Lately, I seem to be saying ‘I never thought I’d get to see these!’ a lot in my reviews. Superchunk are another bucket list band of mine, they rarely play the UK and I’d quite honestly thought there’s no way I’d ever get to see them! Well, maybe London one day but as a gig destination, it’s far from my preference. There’s just something about those audiences, they get so many great bands there that they don’t always appreciate it, spoiled for choice I suppose? Well, I couldn’t believe my luck when this tour popped up! They announced Glasgow and Leeds shows! Sadly poor finances denied me from going to bboth, so I opted for Glasgow. Glasgow is one of the best gig cities on the planet in my opinion. The audience are always well up for a party and I love wandering around the city with my camera in hand. So, Glasgow, it is!

We had the added bonus of Rev Magnetic being added to the bill, so I ensured I was down early to catch their set. The left me a bit overwhelmed, genre-wise they don’t really fit in with the headliners but that doesn’t matter. Musically they are something remarkable, densely layered and I think their music will be more relatable with repeated listens. They went down really well with punters.

Superchunk dropped a surprise album earlier this year; What A Time to Be Alive. Songs from it will feature heavily on the setlist tonight, alongside some stone-cold classics as requested by fans.

Opening with Hyper Enough the energy and sheer joy they have for playing is inspirational, putting bands half their age to shame! I danced all the way through the set. There’s something infectious about their sound and it is a delight to witness. Mac McCaughan stalking the stage with his energy and charisma enticing the audience to sing along.

It is the new material that really grabs my attention. It’s a really strong album and shows absolutely no signs of the band slowing down. They have much life left in them yet. Break the Glass stands out as an instant classic, fans down the front singing along word for word.


  • Hyper Enough
  • What a Time to Be Alive
  • Reagan Youth
  • Lost My Brain
  • Learned to Surf
  • Package Thief
  • Seed Toss
  • Animated Airplanes Over Germany
  • Black Thread
  • Hello Hawk
  • Break the Glass
  • Erasure
  • Driveway to Driveway
  • The First Part
  • Me & You & Jackie Mittoo
  • Slack Motherfucker
  • Digging for Something
  • Cloud of Hate
  • Fishing

I stayed down the front for the entire set, normally I’d retreat after a few songs but I was glued to the spot and having the time of my life. Glad I did as it allowed me to get this shot at the end Jon Wurster and Mac sapped duties for the outro to Fishing, adding a medley of cheesy cover songs which had everyone in stitches!

Thank you Superchunk for playing here. You’ve made some fans very very happy! This will easily make my top ten gigs of the year and I’ll remember it for years to come 🙂


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