Sick Of It All – Newcastle Think Tank – 30th January 2015 – REVIEW

Sick Of It All
Newcastle Think Tank, 30th January 2015

Sick Of It All – Newcastle UK Jan 2015

NYC hardcore punks invade Newcastle. Think Tank have secured yet another big name band. One of a handful of very influential American punk bands, they set about creating something fresh, from a then flagging punk scene. Question is‚ do they still sound fresh in 2015?

Bringing their (almost) 30 years of punk rock history with them and pretty much with the original lineup. Hard working, hard playing band with an energy soaked set of classics alongside some very impressive tracks from their 2014 corker of an album ‘Last Act of Defiance’.

This is the busiest I’ve ever seen Think Tank. The venue is absolutely packed tonight, a sell out. The atmosphere is one of excitement and friendly banter. The old classic Trashmen classic ‘Surfing Bird’ is played over the PA and we know it’s time to rock! I have a quick look around before the band take the stage and I see lots of familiar faces in the crowd tonight, including a fair few from local bands. They are in for a treat.

The band serve up a setlist chock full of singalong oi oi chants, riffs, fists in the air and some aerobatics from guitarist Pete Koller. They truly defy their age with a fresh and energetic set, impossible not to get swept along with it all.

Sick Of It All – Newcastle UK Jan 2015

As you may be aware there is no barrier at Think Tank which means closeup wild crowds, lots of stage diving, circle pits and the first wall of death I’ve ever seen in the venue. All great fun, the band and audience a like having a great time and looking after each other. It’s thrilling to see a Newcastle audience throwing themselves (some of them literally) into it. We’re normally a very reserved bunch compared to the likes of audiences in; for example Glasgow who can happily mosh to a banjo playing folk duo if they’re in the mood.

The new material goes down as well as the old classics with the crowd. DNC is a great singalong song! When the bass hook of Step Down kicks in its a green light for the crowd to go nuts. Other classics such as Injustice System and Scratch the Surface draw a wild response from the fans.

All this made for one of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time. I think I need more punk in my life! Thankfully more NYC punk to follow when The Dictators make a visit Think Tank in May. See you there!