PARIS MONSTER | 28.09.2018 | Newcastle Think Tank | REVIEW and PHOTOS

PARIS MONSTER | 28.09.2018 | Newcastle Think Tank | REVIEW and PHOTOS

Paris Monster – 28th September 2018 – Newcastle Think Tank

By Gordon Armstrong (G’s Gig Shots)

I missed Paris Monsters show over at Surf Cafe earlier this year (or late last year time seems to fly so quickly) and now I’m kicking myself even harder having witnessed just how good they are!! Simply mesmerising from the get-go this duo have you in the palm of their hands. Soul/funk/disco/grunge it’s all here in a big melting pot pretty much defying being put into any genre! Moving swiftly past the fact they’re a two-piece whose drummer plays keyboards and sings at the same time it’s actually the songs that will remain with you and the talent that just oozes out of the pair of them as they play.
Josh Dion is king of the multi-task keeping the drum beat with feet and left hand, keyboard melodies and more drums with the right hand and a voice that could rival pretty much anyone I have ever seen. Geoff Kraly, however, isn’t just any old bass player either half of the melodies you hear and assume are keyboards are actually his bass. The funk of A Vision Complete has me wishing for a time when these old legs of mine could bust some moves. I was reminded at times and as excited of the first times I heard Pigeonhed. The soulful sound of Moles had the goosebumps at attention and even just typing this now has set them off again.
At one point Josh came stage front and sang unaccompanied and floored the whole room I turned to a friend and we both had that same jaw dropped “ Holy shit “ look on our face! It was gospel-like and if anything was ever going to turn me to religion it could a voice like this.
The album is out shortly so go get it and brace yourself for the next time they tour I really want everyone to go see this band and make them as huge as they deserve but Part of me also wants to keep them that little secret between those that know but I’m not that selfish though!

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