METRONOMY | 03.05.2019 | Newcastle Boiler Shop | REVIEW and PHOTOS

METRONOMY | 03.05.2019 | Newcastle Boiler Shop | REVIEW and PHOTOS

Metronomy – 3rd May 2019 – Newcastle Boiler Shop

By Gav Wyatt (G.Wyatt photography)

Here we are at the fabulous Boiler Shop as the Hit the North festival kicks off to see the wonderful electro-pop band Metronomy.

Metronomy first came to our attention many moons ago as a trio, supporting one of our favourite live bands the Infidels at the Newcastle O2 Academy. They had instantly made an impression on us as their unique and quirky sound instantly caught us, and they’d each had a light strapped to their chests, a pound shop gimmick that they synchronised whole routines together to. They got straight into our heads and when we saw them entering the public realm reimagined as a 5 piece and a whole new sound which still retained that unique goofiness that had struck us upon first encounter, we felt a pang of pride at what had evolved and that they still existed.

They emerge all pristine and in white, gentle-voiced and the crowd has grown and cheer as they give a fantastic and energetic performance. Everyone is dancing and having a wonderful time.

Joseph Mount has a gentle rapport and recalls that it’s been quite some time since they were last in Toon, and I am so pleased we got to see them right at the start of those formative days. They are a slick and brilliant live band that uplifted the crowd. A must see band that I am sure we will be seeing more of. Which is more than I can say for my ex-favourite band that introduced me to these guys in the first place.


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