MARK LANEGAN AND DUKE GARWOOD | 01.10.2018 | Gateshead Sage | REVIEW and PHOTOS

MARK LANEGAN AND DUKE GARWOOD | 01.10.2018 | Gateshead Sage | REVIEW and PHOTOS

Mark Lanegan and Duke Garwood – 1st October 2018 – Gateshead Sage

By Gordon Armstrong (G’s Gig Shots)

The gig was split into two sets with Lanegan & Garwood performing their albums Black Pudding and their latest release With Animals in their entirety one album per set I always think it’s a brave move doing an album in full but doing two is even bigger a risk. However, they pulled it off beautifully! Mark Lanegan has a voice I have loved for years in his various projects and it was on fine form this opening night of the UK tour. I’ll admit I wasn’t too familiar with the Black Pudding album but I really enjoyed the feel of each track especially Death Rides A White Horse and Cold Molly. It felt like these songs should be heard in the desert around a fire as Garwood’s hypnotic guitar drew you in and Lanegan’s vocal held you there! At times it was very trippy especially when Lanegan added to the other three members guitars and keyboards by taking a violin bow to a guitar set up like a double bass. It felt like the Shamen scene in Natural Born Killers at one point!

The second set of With Animals I was more familiar with as I’ve been listening to the album quite a bit lately. Again multi-instrumentalist Duke Garwood was at the core of every song providing rich tones and melodies for Mark to provide his delivery over. Title track With Animals was outstanding, but I could be biased as I’ve had the refrain from that going round in my head since first listen so hearing it loud and live just topped it off!!

Save Me & Feast to Famine are also two of the finest album and gig openers you could want for this style! It’s always an impressive sound at the Sage even more so when the whistling duet between Mark and Duke at the close of Lonesome Infidel is crystal clear. It suddenly dawned on me that everyone was hanging on every note and unlike a lot of gigs of late there was no (or very little) talking from audience members which is a testament to the performers.

An encore of I am The Wolf & Burning Seas (Mark and Duke solo songs) sees the night out and whilst not a concert of visual proportions (two lights red and blue) and not a lot of interaction apart from a couple of thank you’s, I think musically it’s a show that will stay with a lot of people for some time.

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