KYLIE MINOGUE | 18.09.2018 | Newcastle Metro Arena | REVIEW and PHOTOS

KYLIE MINOGUE | 18.09.2018 | Newcastle Metro Arena | REVIEW and PHOTOS

Kylie Minogue – 18th September 2018 – Newcastle Metro Arena

By Victoria Wai (Victoria Wai)

Golden is dubbed as ‘Kylie gone country’ and true to the style of the album we were graced with dancers in Wild West attire before Kylie herself came from under the centre of the end of the ‘catwalk’ donned in pink and white cowboy boots kicking off the opening night of the tour with title album and tour name to roaring crowds. Those in the Golden Circle got closer in the excitement of seeing the Pop Princess. Of course, this tour is to promote the latest album but many were eager for the old hits and we didn’t have to wait long with Better The Devil you Know making an appearance fourth song in getting those not already on their feet shooting out of their seats.

A Kylie show has EVERYTHING! – dancers, lights…and visuals…we were treated to mini-movies on the screen during costume changes and many other during the show, that is if you could take your eyes off the Pop Princess, we could have been mistaken for watching a movie. An early highlight on the screen is her rendition of Blue Velvet as she sits at a bar by herself. A lovely stripped back version of Confide In Me follows. She then makes her way down the catwalk where a single red rose waits as she sings Where The Wild Roses Grow with no music. Just Kylie. The rose makes it way back into the crowd until one person could not bare to let it go!

Another great movie feature comes with Shelby 68 which features Kylie’s Dads Shelby revving up on the album. And what a car it is that we see driving through the deserted Wild West with her star designed ‘K’ logo on the license plate.

Ending Act 1 is the hit Can’t Get You Out of My Head, which in itself is a classic but towards the end she dons a denim jacket emblazoned with her face with Newcastle written above and Golden on the bottom sending the crowd into a frenzy before the band give us a fantastic rendition of the famous part of The Chain (Fleetwood Mac) which, no pun intended, sends hearts racing as the energy fills the Arena.

Relaxed back in our spots Slow starts Act 2 and changes pace quickly into Kids, which gets the crowd pumped but maybe more of a filler for some. An audience request and an Arena filled singalong comes with Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi. We stay in the late 1980s with Wouldn’t Change a Thing going into Especially For You. No Kylie show would be complete without the latter. The only thing missing was an appearance from Jason Donovan, that actually happened a few weeks prior in Hyde Park.

All The Lovers from the Aphrodite era is something quite spectacular and a big ode to the LBGTQ community that Kylie celebrates with the first hydraulics of the night covering the Golden Circle audience with lights and confetti of the rainbow. A spectacular sight for a spectacular song. A fantastic disco medley follows with Kylie and her singers bursting through the doors of ‘Studio 54’ but strangely omits STEP BACK IN TIME. Too much of an obvious choice maybe? Though New York City, Raining Glitter and On A Night Like This comes with streams of gold ribbon from the ceiling to a laser-filled Arena.

Getting back to the Country & Western theme, the encore of Love At First Sight has her clad in a white shawl before it reveals a green glittery number matching her band and dancers which closes the night with DANCING. The crowd do just that, leaving everyone on a high and the merch stand going crazy as everyone wanted to take more than the memories of the night away with them.

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