KOLARS | 02.11.2018 | Newcastle Head of Steam | REVIEW and PHOTOS

KOLARS | 02.11.2018 | Newcastle Head of Steam | REVIEW and PHOTOS

Kolars – 2nd November 2018 – Newcastle Head of Steam

By Victoria Wai (Victoria Wai)

‘She dances on the drums!’ I actually knew nothing more than this of Kolars when I heard of them back in May but unfortunately could not see them. This played on my mind since then so when I saw they were in town when I was I just knew I had to see them. I played their debut self-titled album on the run-up to the show and got more and more excited and to secure a photo pass for the show was an extra bonus. 

Showtime came and the excitement went up to 12! Kolars have a strong following and every space on the floor was filled. The intensity of their music overtook my finger clicking on the shutter of my camera. I wanted to capture that excitement the best I could. Lauren and Rob played with such intensity and such passion. It was hard not to get caught up with every second.

While Lauren tap danced and banged those drums, Rob duetted with some members of the crowd and even got into the crowd. It was one big party and it was a wonder how Lauren and Rob kept up the energy while we were watching in awe of their energy. Kolars are infectious not only on the ear but also visually and a whole new experience is brought to life having their desert disco, glam-a-billy and space blues around, no matter if it is your first time or your twentieth time seeing them play live. 

If ‘dancing on the drums,’ is enough to get you to see Kolars then put them in your list of ‘100 things to do before you die,’ or even if you just saw that Kolars are playing, you should prioritise them as they are not to be missed now that you have read it here. 

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