CAPE CUB | JOYYA | 29.10.2018 | The Cluny | REVIEW and PHOTOS

CAPE CUB | JOYYA | 29.10.2018 | The Cluny | REVIEW and PHOTOS

Cape Cub and Joyya – 29th October 2018 – The Cluny

By Victoria Wai (Victoria Wai)

It felt like a triple headliner with this gig as Shamu bought in heavy synth-rock sounds then contrasting with their electro-pop were duo Joyya and contrasting yet again was headliners Cape Cub bringing dream-pop to a packed out Cluny.

I have seen Cape Cub a few times now and each time they just seem to get bigger – and that’s not only in crowd numbers but also in the whole production. Before they started the crowd was ecstatic and to add to the intensity the house lights go a deep blue as Chad and the band echo with Keep Me In Mind then into their latest single Moonglow. Every song delivered is catchy. Watching the band interact on stage, coupled with the light show it felt euphoric. It did not feel like we were in this intimate space of The Cluny.

I believe I have said this before but Cape Cub are definitely made for bigger venues so catch them in these small ones while you can. They always play with such conviction and their interaction with the audience whether if it is through personal shout-outs or just in the feel of their lyrics is something to be witnessed. They end with their biggest hit to date, Flowers, and although you want more (and there were chants from the whole room for more) they always seem to end the show on the perfect high, that even if they didn’t come back, you are left knowing that you got the value of true musicianship. 

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