JIMMY EAT WORLD | 30.01.2019 | Newcastle O2 Academy | REVIEW

JIMMY EAT WORLD | 30.01.2019 | Newcastle O2 Academy | REVIEW

Jimmy Eat World – 30th January 2019 – Newcastle O2 Academy

By Kevin Burdon 

Jimmy Eat World are one of those bands whose songs provided the soundtrack to key moments of my formative years, but I never got the opportunity to see them live. I’d lost touch with their music since about 2007, but when the chance came up to review them at their recent show in Newcastle I jumped at it.

The band opened with “Sure and Certain” from their most recent album Integrity Blues, then launched into “I Will Steal You Back”, before they provided me with the first ‘goosebumps’ moment of the night when the opening riff for “Big Casino” kicked in.

While it may be the case that their 00’s output is the stuff that resonates most with me, Jimmy Eat World are by no means a nostalgia act and some of the material from the newer albums sounded great in the live setting – newest single “Love Never” shows the band are still writing great quality songs that can hold their own alongside the classics. One of the most impressive songs of the night was “Pass the Baby”, a musical tour de force which starts deceptively quietly but builds into a massive crescendo with riffage that Tom Morello would be proud of.

The band played a diverse set from across their career, including many of the massive hits you’d expect – “Futures”, “Work” and “Always Be” were stunning to finally hear live, but the highlight of the set for me was a stunning rendition of “Hear You Me”. It’s one of those songs that gets under your skin when you first hear it, and it was beautifully delivered with the crowd singing along to every word.

The band finished the main set with Bleed American, before returning for a 3 song encore of massive anthems from the Bleed American album, A Praise Chorus, Sweetness and (of course) The Middle. A really triumphant way to end an excellent night.


Sure and Certain
I Will Steal You Back
Big Casino
For Me This Is Heaven
Pass the Baby
Get Right
Always Be
Lucky Denver Mint
Hear You Me
Love Never
Bleed American

A Praise Chorus
The Middle