BUCKCHERRY | HOOBASTANK | ADELITAS WAY | 12.02.2019 | Newcastle O2 Academy | REVIEW and PHOTOS

BUCKCHERRY | HOOBASTANK | ADELITAS WAY | 12.02.2019 | Newcastle O2 Academy | REVIEW and PHOTOS

Buckcherry,  Hoobastank and Adelitas Way – 12th February 2019 – Newcastle O2 Academy

By Gordon Armstrong (G’s Gig Shots)

Taking to the stage not long after the doors open is always a tough job. However, Adelitas Way took it in their stride and played like the room was full from the get go! Having been together since 2006 and releasing albums since 2009 the Las Vegas quartet are here opening for Hoobastank and Buckcherry.

I think this is their first UK visit (I could be wrong) but they had fans who turned up early to show their support and although the first couple of numbers, Still Hungry and Ready For War were being played while people were still walking in, there was a healthy enthusiastic response by the time they got to the end of their short seven song set. Closing with Invincible (best known for being used by WWE Smackdown Vs RAW game). Check out their latest album Notorious if you are partial to some big riffed melodic rock!

Up next Hoobastank kicking off with Pieces from their self titled 2001 release. This is a band who have sold 10 million plus albums, yet strangely they’ve never really made it big here in the UK. They are co-headlining with Buckcherry so get a chance to play a full set of fourteen songs taken from all of their albums including Don’t Look Away from the most recent Push Pull. Of course it’s the title track of the album The Reason that gets the big reaction even surprising frontman Doug Robb with the crowd singing back the huge chorus (“Oh god yeah I love this one I just didn’t realise who it was” is a regular reaction to Hoobastank songs here) and closing on Crawling In The Dark they promise to try and get back to the UK sooner than later. Absolutely storming energetic performance!

It’s less than a year since Buckcherry were just down the road at Riverside. So when this tour was announced I wasn’t sure how it would go, being in a much bigger venue but I shouldn’t have been as by the time Josh Todd and Co hit the stage the room was pretty full of eager fans. I was surprised though at the choice of opening up with a cover of Nine Inch Nails’ classic Head Like A Hole. They pretty much nailed it to be fair, although for me Todd’s vocal didn’t feel quite sinister enough.

It’s A Party is up next and back in familiar territory for everybody! Whilst the band have a new album due in March (Warpaint) they don’t saturate the set with tracks from it only playing three tracks (the aforementioned opener Back Down and Bent) spread out through the night.

Lit Up, Too Drunk To Fuck amongst others still evoke that Sunset Strip sleaze rock spirit but songs like Gluttony and Somebody Fucked With Me keep the band up to date. I particularly liked the melodic Everything with its big singalong chorus but of course, it’s the closer Crazy Bitch that everyone loses their minds over. Buckcherry are one of those bands having been around 24 years now (yeah I was surprised too when I worked it out) know what their fans want and give them it regardless of trends and fashions they’ll do what they want and have a good time doing it!


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