HINDS | SPORTS TEAM | 04.12.2018 | Newcastle Riverside | REVIEW and PHOTOS

HINDS | SPORTS TEAM | 04.12.2018 | Newcastle Riverside | REVIEW and PHOTOS

Hinds and Sports Team – 4th December 2018 – Newcastle Riverside

Review and photos by Victoria Wai (Victoria Wai)

What can I say about Sports Team? Interesting might be the word. Entertaining might be the another. And they can sure put on a show and the crowd slowly filling in were feeding off the vibe of a frontman jumping about, throwing moves like Mick Jagger and then on the other spectrum a keyboardist almost vacant unless he was playing the tambourine, then he might have took a little walk around the stage. The other four members fill the bits in-between. If you hadn’t heard of Sports Team prior to tonight, you might have been taken by the show over than the music, like me. Whatever it is though, I would definitely say they are worth the watch and next time I might take in more of the music than the visuals as put both together would be worth a bet!

“Hi we’re HINDS and we came here to rock,” states the banner behind the band and that they did. They’re a relatively new band, as a four-piece they bring an infectious indie-lo-fi-pop vibe to the Riverside and just before they start their set Carlotta Cosials notices how cold it is along the banks of the Tyne and how much hotter it is inside the venue and then later how quiet the crowd is, as they entered the stage and in between songs. However, the latter statement could not be further from the truth as there was definitely a lot of jumping about from the crowd as well as from the band themselves.

Watching the four-piece is like happiness in your soul especially that smile of drummer Amber Grimbergen. Does she ever stop smiling when hitting those skins? In fact, the whole band just don’t stop smiling, even when Ade Martín has problems with the bass they are laughing and engaging with the crowd. Hinds are just all about fun. In this hour-long set we are given songs from both albums, Leave Me Alone and I Don’t Mind and bought to life they fit in choreographed moves that are just as punchy as their songs.

Admittedly, I was tired coming to this gig but on hearing many positive things about them nothing was going to stop me from being here and although I am not that familiar with their catalogue of songs except their current single, British Mind and also Bamboo. Whether you’re clued up or not on Hinds there is no doubting you will be hooked after your first time. Those that were ‘quiet’ before definitely weren’t as the show went on. We even had Ana García Perrote come to the barrier and even get close enough to ‘almost kiss a girl,’ at the barrier. And if that wasn’t enough Carlotta actually comes into the crowd and onto the bar belting out a tune.

Hinds are infectious, fun, and engaging. If they are on the bill get listening to their music before heading out and get more involved in the show as to bop around is one thing but to bop around and singing their songs gives it that extra element and it definitely got me out of the slumber that I was in before the show started.

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