HEAVY LUNGS | 23.10.2018 | Newcastle Riverside | REVIEW and PHOTOS

HEAVY LUNGS | 23.10.2018 | Newcastle Riverside | REVIEW and PHOTOS

Heavy Lungs – 23rd October 2018 – Newcastle Riverside – Review and photos

Feature by Graeme J Baty

Heavy Lungs – 23rd Oct 2018 – Riverside Newcastle

Rather than giving Heavy Lungs just a side note in the main Idles review, I thought the quality their performance deserved so much more than that! So here’s a full photo feature on their epic set! They have embraced the opportunity to hit some big venues with pals Idles on their sold-out run of UK shows, check out the Idles review and pics here. They seem like an ideal pairing, and there’s a vast amount of people at the venue for doors opening to catch their set.

Frontman Danny Nedelko has been immortalised in the Idles song and tonight he owns the stage. Stalking it like a man possessed, by the end of their short set he has the audience eating out the palm of his hands, hanging on every word. Very much a striking frontman, as the photographic evidence will show!

Heavy Lungs – 23rd Oct 2018 – Riverside Newcastle

They’re much more straight punk than Idles and really reminded me of early Bad Breeding, albeit a much more accessible and less extreme version, whilst channelling the vibe of PiL.

They’ve just announced another UK tour which includes a stop at Newcastle Think Tank in January 2019. On the strength of tonight’s performance, they are certainly ones to watch and I think I’ll have to go catch them again!


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