EVIL BLIZZARD | 29.09.2018 | Newcastle Think Tank | REVIEW and PHOTOS

EVIL BLIZZARD | 29.09.2018 | Newcastle Think Tank | REVIEW and PHOTOS

Evil Blizzard – 29th September 2018 – Newcastle Think Tank

By Gordon Armstrong (G’s Gig Shots)

I’ll hold my hands up and admit I wasn’t at all familiar with the bands material pre-gig but at times that can be a good thing. Apart from the visual side of things (mannequin head, clown makeup, pig mask and more) the first real impact Evil Blizzard make is that there are four bass players up here along with a singing drummer and a keyboard/sampler! It certainly gets you wondering what the hell is going to happen.

You get your answer pretty soon as the band kick into Hello the opening track from their latest album; The Worst Show In The World a tremendously catchy beat and bassline gets fists pumping and crowd dancing! Fast Forward Rewind is another high light from that album and older numbers like Are You Evil and Slimy Creatures keep everyone happy and bouncing Throughout the set there is a lot of self-deprecating humour between band and crowd (chants of “you’re shit and you know you are“ signs telling the crowd to boo “hello Sunderland“ for example) but the tunes are anything but comedy Pinches of Killing Joke/PIL/Hawkwind can be heard in the swirling echoing delivery and it is just relentless with just those four bass guitars providing the riffs! A six string did make a brief appearance though, as well as a theremin type device disguised as a severed dolls head providing yet another disturbing image as it was held out for all to lay their hands on and create weird noises from!

I have to reiterate just how much their tunes pull you in every track almost trance-like. For their final gesture the last track sees the band inviting as many of the crowd as possible onto the stage as they play away through the tune and slowly one by one they somehow pass their instruments to crowd members unnoticed until they have left the stage only the sequencer making sense as fans play a cacophony of notes until the bands disappearing has been confirmed and the PA shut off!! I think they are definitely a live experience and I would definitely go again now knowing what can happen! I won’t say “expect “ as I reckon with these, anything can and will happen at a live show.

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