DEMOB HAPPY | 09.04.2018 | Northumbria Institute | PHOTOS

DEMOB HAPPY | 09.04.2018 | Northumbria Institute | PHOTOS

Demob Happy – 9th April 2018 – Northumbria Institute – Photo feature

Local lads return for a triumphant hometown gig. It’s been a few years since I’ve seen these chaps and it’s great to see punters turning out to support them! Probably their biggest Newcastle show to date. Touring to plug their new album Holy Doom, which is their strongest to date. Out now and I highly recommend checking it out. It’s brilliant!


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DEMOB HAPPY talk about Holy Doom and UK tour – INTERVIEW

DEMOB HAPPY talk about Holy Doom and UK tour – INTERVIEW

I had a chat with Matthew Marcantonio from Demob Happy talk about their new LP ‘Holy Doom’ and upcoming UK tour.

Your new album Holy Doom is out in March. Can you tell us a bit about where it was recorded?

“We recorded it in Echo Zoo Studios in Eastbourne, near Brighton. It’s like an old retirement town. Something like 99% of the people there are over 80 years old and then you’ve got this really great studio in the middle of it all tucked away.

We recorded it all in all in about 3 weeks. We did it in two ten-day chunks. We did ten days in Echo Zoo doing drums and bass. Then we did the second half at Ian Davenport’s studio in Oxford.”

Loads of touring coming for Demob Happy?

“We’re doing a UK tour in April and we’re doing a support run in Europe with Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes in March.”

Those tend to be quite wild shows,  will you live up that wild reputation?

“Well we have a different sound to them and when you’re doing support shows you don’t wanna be that band who outdo the headline act, it’s more about going and winning people over. Frank Carter’s fans are great we did some shows with them in Ireland and we had a great reception.”

Is this the biggest Newcastle show to date?  What’s it like coming back here?

“We haven’t done anything in Newcastle for a while, so we’re looking forward to coming back up. It’s definitely our biggest headline tour that we’ve done so far. It’ll be great, fingers crossed people will come down, we’re having a really good reception and people seem excited.”

What was the motivation behind the move to Brighton?

“Well at the time when we left Newcastle in 2010 we all moved down to Brighton for University. I think, primarily we came down to Brighton to get the band up and running and to the next level. At that time in Newcastle, there was a lot of metal bands and acoustic singer/songwriters, folky type stuff and we were doing bluesy rock music. So there was no one really that we could play with, we could never find a good bill to be on. So it was a combination of that and Uni, it’s just the way it happened really. Well, you have to be close to London in order to make things happen. Unfortunately, that’s just the way it works and when you’re a DIY band like ourselves you have to come down and make connections. But it’s nice to see that Newcastle has a lot of awesome rock bands coming out and getting started, bands like Pale White are doing really well.”

Holy Doom has a quite dark and suggestive title, listening to it it’s quite heavy in parts and yet mellow in others. Is there a theme behind the record?

“We never set out for it to be this way, it seems like when we were writing the lyrics that everything was sort of viewed with a sense of duality. That’s what the title Holy Doom represents, It’s that balance between good and bad, the light and the dark. It’s a concept that’s been on my mind over the last couple of years. So really the songs just seemed to reflect that. We were looking for a title and that seemed to make sense. It wasn’t really something we set out to do, it happened naturally. I mean we like concept albums, 70s concept albums when an album is more than the sum of its parts. So any chance to do that I’d take.

Probably the heaviest stuff we’ve done is on there ‘Spinning Out’ and some of the softest stuff we’ve ever done. It was just finding that balance between things and build on what we did with the first album.”

Have the lineup changes made a difference in the sound?

“Everything that is written is still the same 3 people who wrote the first time around. It was pretty liberating in a way, we feel like we can do more now. The live sound is still energetic and raucous.”

Demob Happy bring Holy Doom tour to Newcastle on the 9th April 2018

Pre-order ‘Holy Doom’ here –

April 2018 UK Headline Dates

6 Nottingham – Rock City
7 Manchester – Deaf Institute
8 Glasgow – Broadcast
9 Newcastle – Northumbria Institute
10 Birmingham – The Flapper
12 Norwich – Waterfront
13 London – Borderline
14 Brighton – The Haunt
15 Bristol – The Louisiana

Demob Happy – Newcastle Think Tank April 2015 – PHOTOS

Demob Happy – Newcastle Think Tank April 2015 – PHOTOS

Demob Happy
Newcastle Think Tank, 8th April 2015

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