CODE ORANGE | 18.04.2018 | Newcastle Cluny | REVIEW and PHOTOS

CODE ORANGE | 18.04.2018 | Newcastle Cluny | REVIEW and PHOTOS

Code Orange – 18th April 2018 – Newcastle Cluny

Code Orange – April 2018 – Newcastle Cluny

Well, what can I say?! When I first heard word of this show it seemed like a mistake! Surely they’d be playing a bigger venue? Not that I am complaining, a chance to see these guys up close in a small venue is one I’m not willing to miss! Last time I saw them they were tearing up the Academy stage opening for Gojira. The compact venue seems to intensify the energy in the room and funnel it straight into your face.

Even before a single chord was played the young kids in the pit were crowd killing, windmilling and generally being nobs to each other. Hey ho! I love this shit! The lights are dimmed, red and moody as is standard for Code Orange. Which makes for tough shooting conditions, that coupled with kids flying all over the place made it… erm a challenge, a really bloody fun challenge! I was in my element. I escaped the pit with myself and my camera gear intact! Surprisingly more keepers than I thought, it was literally a case of wave the camera in the air and hope!

Code Orange – April 2018 – Newcastle Cluny

Guitarist Dominic Landolina climbs up the small lighting rigging then proceeds to dangle from the PA system above my head. Yeah, I’m gonna die soon I thought! Whislt bass guitarist Joe Golman stalks the Cluny stage screaming at the crowd and encouraging more chaos. I am witnessing something powerful and liberating. I’m not old enough to have seen the Black Flag Rollins days, but I imagine this is as close as I can get to those kinds of intense performance and environment.

Code Orange – April 2018 – Newcastle Cluny

Reba Meyers brings the closest thing to respite with her anthemic song Bleeding in the Blur. A crowd-pleasing huge song, proving the musical diversity and dexterity. Their energetic intense performances do not distract from the strength of the music but elevate them to another level. They are a remarkable band, words can’t explain the tension, aggression, they pummel you with this sound like a short sharp nuclear blast to the senses. Code Orange are one of the best live bands on the planet and they’re out to make sure you won’t ever forget that experience. Brutal. Brilliant. Sold out show from a band at the top of their game.

Employed to Serve also opened for them. Head here to see and read our reaction. This will make my top 10 gigs of the year, I’m 100% confident of that.


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