CHEAP TRICK – June 2017 – Manchester Academy – REVIEW and PHOTOS

CHEAP TRICK – June 2017 – Manchester Academy – REVIEW and PHOTOS

Cheap Trick – 28th June 2017 – Manchester Academy

By Gordon Armstrong (G’s Gig Shots)

Cheap Trick are a band I have loved for decades and seen a few times and they never cease to amaze me with their dedication! For example, they played three shows in the UK and performed about seventy-five songs over the three gigs BUT only repeated 5 songs across them! Now that is some serious rehearsing!

I was totally buzzing, having only confirmed the pass a day or so before the gig and was worried that nerves may get the better of me and I might just stand there and sing at Rick Neilson when they came on! Well, that kinda happened I definitely sang my head off but remembered to take some photos 🙂

Cheap Trick - June 2017 - Manchester Academy
Cheap Trick – June 2017 – Manchester Academy

Instead of the usual “Hello there” they opened with ‘Just Got Back’ one of my favourites so I was already off to a good start as I wasn’t sure what set we would get! But belter after belter had my grin fixed for the full set.

There were a couple from the new album but that’s okay as it’s a great album. The expected ‘I Want You To Want Me’, ‘Surrender’ and ‘Dream Police’ were all in there along with a Velvet Underground cover loads of album tracks and my particular high light Stop This Game. Robin Zander still looks and sounds fantastic (tonight in the white Dream Police outfit) and Rick Neilson still keeps plectrum manufacturers in business trying to make sure almost everyone at the gig gets one!!!! Tom Peterson is still that cool as owt bass player but with Daxx (Ricks son) on drums these days they are as great a rhythm section as they have ever been. Looked like Rick found it funny me singing in the pit too 🙂 So much fun to photograph!

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