DEAF HAVANA | DECADE | BLACK FOXXES | 22.11.17 | Northumbria Uni

DEAF HAVANA | DECADE | BLACK FOXXES | 22.11.17 | Northumbria Uni

Deaf Havana, Black Foxxes and Decade – 22nd November 2017 – Northumbria Institute

Every now and then I’ll end up at a show and the majority of the audience are looking at me with the expression that clearly states ‘who brought their dad?!’. Tonight I get that feeling again! Being in my late thirties, I’m positively ancient compared to most of the audience tonight. I’m at the venue super early, yet it’s pretty much half full already. The punters seem super keen to catch all the bands!

Up first are Decade, who I saw a few years back in Newcastle Academy. I came down early as I was keen to see how they’ve developed in the meantime. They crank out a short set of songs from their new album. Their energetic pop tones remind me of Death Cab for Cutie at times. New album Pleasantries came out earlier this year. They’ve changed a lot since I first saw them as fresh-faced younguns, they’ve grown into a much more musically engaging act and they’ve kept that strong stage presence.


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Black Foxxes are up next and they prove to be a highlight of the night for me. They’ve gained a rather respectable amount of awesome tour supports. So their name was familiar to me, but as yet I hadn’t seen them live. They have a much more abrasive edge to their sound than the other acts tonight. Skuzzy, pop hooks, grunge, punk stuff. Bloody delightful to watch. Hopefully, they’ll be back for some headline shows!


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For all of the years I’ve been gigging, I somehow managed to miss Deaf Havana. Slam Dunk was so ridiculously busy for their set so I couldn’t get anywhere near them. Tonight’s the night!

Deaf Havana - Northumbria Uni - November 2017 - crowd shot

The lights are down low and moody for opener ‘Fever’. At last, the crowd seem to come alive, having been rather subdued during the opening acts. They churn out a hefty set of career-spanning favourites. The lighting is simply remarkable, bringing an added layer of intensity to the performance and of course making for some amazing photo opportunities. They end the night to rabid applause with the atmospheric ‘Anemophobia Part II’.


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