ANVIL – April 2016 – Newcastle Riverside – REVIEW and PHOTOS

ANVIL – April 2016 – Newcastle Riverside – REVIEW and PHOTOS

Anvil – 14th April 2016 – Newcastle Riverside

At most rock shows when you hear the standard “It’s great to be here with so many old friends” you know 8 times out of 10 it’s the same spiel night after night town after town. Tonight though as Lips happily tells the crowd it is for once very, very true. Back in 1983 (June I think) Anvil supported Motorhead at the City Hall and a bunch of young ‘uns bought tickets just for Anvil, went down early got to meet them, taught them some Geordie swearing, got drunk, shared takeaways, went clubbing, got food poisoning and had a great night!

Unlike the rest of the world, most of this bunch kept in touch with Anvils’ crazy career over the years and the band remembered them all when the documentary threw them back into the spotlight! Tonight though they are back opening for Udo Dirkschneider and they kick off with Lips down in the middle of the crowd with his friends hammering out ‘March Of The Crabs’ before he makes his way to the stage for the rest of the short 45 minute set. We get ‘666’, ‘Mothra’, ‘Winged Assassins’ and of course ‘Metal On Metal’ and a couple of newer tracks . Lips still looks like he is just happy to be on stage in Anvil and that some folk still care. They are never gonna be the big band we all hoped for back in the 80’s but it’s great seeing them doing a bit better than in some of those movie scenes! Oh and I didn’t get food poisoning this time so double result 😉

By Gordon Armstrong (G’s Gig Shots)

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