The Magic Band – Newcastle Cluny March 2013 – PHOTOS and REVIEW

The Magic Band – Newcastle Cluny March 2013 – PHOTOS and REVIEW

The Magic Band
Newcastle Cluny March 2013


Now this gig sticks in my head for many reasons. All very good reasons! Here’s a band I’d dreamed of seeing since I discovered Beefheart back when I was in college in the late 90s and pushing my musical education and guitar playing. I was hooked on punk and blues at the time, I loved the feel of blues but no bands really had the energy I craved. Until I discovered the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, that was a revelation for me and it paved the way to discover more ‘out there’ music. Eventually I slapped down some cash I’d earned from my 1st part time job and bought the Safe as Milk reissue. Mind blown! Hooked! Over the space of summer I spent what was at the time, a small fortune on Beefheart CDs and thus a fan was born. Obviously by this time Beefheart had long since retired so I’d never get chance to fully experience them in person.

Well safe to say I was over the moon when this tour was announced and not only that they are playing my hometown. Drumbo taking over vocal duties on many tracks and he did a spectacular job. Really, he is an immense talent and a huge part of the Beefheart legacy. So I couldn’t think of a better way to experience them. Live the music sounds perfect, it doesn’t sound ‘difficult’ it feels complex but highly listenable. I’ll remember this show fondly for the rest of my days.

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