DEATH VALLEY GIRLS | WHITE LEGS | 03.03.2019 | Newcastle Cluny | REVIEW

DEATH VALLEY GIRLS | WHITE LEGS | 03.03.2019 | Newcastle Cluny | REVIEW

Death Valley Girls | White Legs – 3rd March 2019 – Newcastle Cluny

Review by Lee Hammond

Tonight arriving in time to see one of the North East’s finest new bands in the form of White Legs, it is the coming together of three of the finest musicians in the local area. It’s a powerful riff-laden opening, this trio is a true force to be reckoned it’s an aural onslaught as they power through a slew of impressive tracks. Their new single Cut It Away is an undoubted highlight of this short set, similarly, their set is over all too quickly but it certainly is not going to be the last time we catch the impressive trio.

With such an impressive opening act the bar is high for Death Valley Girls who quietly take to the stage, quickly launching into Abre Camino. It’s an impressive opening with band leader Bonnie Bloomgarden’s talents in full flow from the off, her individual voice bringing to life these dark Garage tracks. Their early tracks come thick and fast all delivered with incessant grooves and fervour. The beating rhythm section heart of Death Valley Girls is what drives this set forward at pace, Bonnie and Nikki dance their way through the set in equally impressive fashion.

The likes of More Dead and Death Valley Boogie really set the early part of this show alight, but it’s those tracks which they save for the end that really cause a stir. The likes of Disco possess hooks that permanently insert themselves into your brain, and you find yourself muttering the chorus in the middle of the night. The only problem with tonight’s set is certainly not on the stage but those ignorant enough to respect the bands between songs.

Fortunately, Bonnie is only too happy to deal with these gentlemen who interrupt her throughout, carefully reminding them as to who has the microphone. Closing out this relatively short set on the wonderful Electric High it rounds off an intense scuzz filled, rhythm-heavy wonderful set. The only problem is that it’s over all too soon, as we could have danced away the night to this brilliant band!