Jack Savoretti | The Wandering Hearts – 12th July 2019 – Mouth Of The Tyne Festival at Whitley Bay Playhouse

Review and photos by Victoria Wai (Victoria Wai)

Rain was forecast for the evening on the second night of Mouth Of The Tyne Festival at Tynemouth but it tried so hard to stay away and it did for the opening act of the night, The Wandering Hearts.

This trio of Tara, Chess and AJ got the party started with the upbeat Fire And Water and then showed Tynemouth what they could really do with their harmonies with Heartbreak Hotel and then stripping it back a little with Wish I Could. They brought everything with their first three songs whereas with most gigs it’s generally one way or the other for two of the first three songs if not all three before changing the vibe. But with The Wandering Hearts there is something special and to start your night with them and their backing band you could not have asked for a better way to see in the weekend.

There were quite a few in the crowd purely there for The Wandering Hearts with added bonus of headliner Jack Savoretti and with the majority doing it the other way round so to hear many be blown away by a support act is quite something. In fact they got genuine boo’s when they introduced their final song Devil and a little chant of ‘we want more’ started. I have seen the majority of live shows The Wandering Hearts have performed in Tyneside since they started to carve a name for themselves so to see their fan base grow and to hear first timers in awe of them as soon as they sing their first note genuinely puts a smile on my face so I can only imagine how they feel when they see it happening before their own eyes.

What also is great to see is that although they are vocal-harmony led, they sure are getting to move on stage that bit more too and with each performance, I have seen they are growing more in their vocals and personalities and keeping their feet on the ground. There is a genuine admiration for anyone who crosses the path of The Wandering Hearts and a truly great compliment for Jack Savoretti to have them open for him on these special dates that have seen him play in the woods to the remains of a castle by the North Sea in Tynemouth.

Jack Savoretti is the headliner this evening and it seemed nature knew what his setlist was as the clouds become darker and the orchestral feel to the opening of Candlelight begins sets the perfect mood, as the crowd roar when they see him step onto the stage. Atmospheric is the word, especially when the heavens finally do open for I Will Follow You. And a huge credit to the staff at the festival walking around giving punters ponchos, however with or without the ponchos everyone was lost in the magic of the music and dancing and singing with the rain. Yes, with and not in! There is definitely something euphoric about letting nature and the music wash all over us and Jack feels this as he tells the crowd he’s never seen so many smiling faces in the rain and that they are warriors for doing so.

“We’ve been travelling a lot…up on stage with me tonight I have a man from Brazil, a man Spain, a man from Scotland and a man from Denmark….and one thing we have in common is that there is a lot more to us than the languages we speak, the flags we wave, the football teams we support, the lives we just happen to be born into,” is the message he brings to the crowd as he goes into the upbeat Tie Me Down.

Jack Savoretti, like The Wandering Hearts, brought everything to the table through the power of music. The people were dancing and the drinks were flowing and people of all ages and races were joining in together. What a special evening and a special message he gave us. To make it more special he takes to the stage with a solo spotlight for the encore to sing, Singing To Strangers, before the rest of the band rejoin him with The Wandering Hearts lending extra harmonies to Going Home and on that note we did go home, or to the pub, and with our musical hearts beating.


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